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The Worst Midnight Special


In the dead of night, the Worst are unleashed in horrifying full color! The most villainously vile vermin ever assembled lurk in the shadows and plot their evil deeds. What's the Worst that could happen?

Each of the Worst action figures stands shoulder to shoulder with all your retro space and adventure action figures, just don't expect them to play nice! The Worst are the meanest of the mean and the baddest of the bad – simply put, they are the Worst bad guys ever! Their unholy alliance features:

  • X-2 the Unknown - Mysterious Shadow Assassin

  • Gas Phantom - Ethereal Specter of Evil

  • Snake Tut - Serpent God of Destruction

  • Robot Reaper - Robotic Harbinger of Death

  • Batula - Bat Prince of Darkness

  • Black Falcon - Undead Warlord of Doom

The Worst Midnight Special - The Worst set of six 3.75" evil action figures, each packaged individually on blister card with accessory and featuring amazing card art by Ed Repka! $90 per set, available Wednesday, September 14th, 11:59pm PST at

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