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Super7 x Misfits Earth A.D. "Ghoul's Hair"


Record collecting is at the core of Super7's roots and the Misfits - Earth A.D. album is one of our all-time favorites.

While there are multiple subtle differences in the shade of green and purple used on the Earth A.D. cover over the years, one of the lesser known pressings had a printing error affectionately called the “ghoul’s head” variant, where the green under print shows through the black ink, creating a halo effect around the main character's head. Over the years, this subtle variation was a record hunters dream, as it was missed by most shop owners as the record was put out in the used bin.

When we made the Earth A.D. ReAction Figure, we decided it would be fun to insert some random secret “ghoul’s hair” versions of the packaging out into the wild to be discovered by fans while out looking for The Fiend.

Happy Hunting!


"Touch it... Feel it... Green Hell..."

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