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Super7 is Hiring: Sales Operations Manager



Sales Operations Manager

Who we are:

Founded in San Francisco in 2001, Super7 is one of the most influential and sought after toy brands in the market today. By combining our deep knowledge of toys as collectors, with our attention to manufacturing and design, Super7 creates unique and inspiring toys, apparel, events, and experiences that differentiates Super7 from any other toy company. No one made what we wanted, so we made it ourselves.

What we are looking for:

Super7 is seeking a full-time Sales Operations Manager to join our team in San Francisco! The Sales Operations Manager will be responsible for managing all sales deliverables for wholesale and DTC (direct-to-consumer) orders. The Sales Operations Manager will report to the VP of Operations and will manage the workflow and communication between the Sales and Operations teams. The successful candidate will analyze and streamline workflows and communications between the teams and execute sales strategies to optimize profitability. This position requires experience working with cloud-based e-commerce systems, inventory management solutions and CRM databases, to create dynamic data-driven reports.

About the responsibilities:

  • The Sales Operations Manager will work cross-functionally with the Operations, Sales, Marketing and Customer Care teams to establish comprehensive sales strategies for each channel
  • Implement new sales initiatives, ensure profitability and share goals with our Sales Reps in a timely and clear manner
  • Develop a sales service manual that includes: standardized sales policies, training material, systems information, customer care policies (including after-sales support), internal processes and workflows
  • Plan and implement additional online sales channels (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) while ensuring integration with Super7 systems
  • Receive, review and confirm processing of incoming B2B sales orders, including EDI sales orders, while providing sales ops support to ensure EDI orders are accurate to individual vendor routing guides
  • Maintain and track sales activities and histories, compiling reports using Excel spreadsheets
  • Calculate sell-through rates for current and past products to monitor inventory levels for re-orders and forecasting for future products, while sharing data with the production team to plan production timelines and shipping deliverables
  • Provide the Sales team with the tools they need to move inventory and find new opportunities
  • Monitor customer service tickets and make recommendations to prevent and minimize the volume of tickets
  • Respond to regional sales managers, reps, dealers, consultants and other customers on sales inquiries and requests
  • Collaborate with our Logistics Coordinator to develop a shipping strategy for each sales channel
  • Assist in coordination of national and local trade shows, along with other promotional events
  • Coordinate product training sessions with rep groups, consultants, and dealers
  • Proactively reach out to both in-house sales and independent sales reps with action-based information to drive sales
  • Create and prioritize target prospect lists, while supporting research initiatives around prospect customers and prospective sales opportunities for key channels
  • Be active, motivational and supportive in our sales team chat room and meetings

About the skills and requirements:

  • Exceptional written and verbal communications skills
  • Must have excellent analytical and Excel skills; ability to calculate figures such as discounts, interest, commissions, volume, etc.
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • +5 years of experience in a sales operations environment, preferably in retail and/or wholesale consumer goods
  • Systems and integration knowledge: inventory systems, shipping platforms, CRM and reporting software
  • A team player with a sense of humor, urgency and positivity
  • Self-starter with strong problem-solving, time management and analytical skills
  • Must be located in the San Francisco Bay Area

How to get in touch with us:

Please email a PDF copy of your resume and cover letter, including Sales Operations Manager in the subject line of your email to Applications without a cover letter will not be considered. No phone calls or in-person visits please. Please check our website to see if you are a good fit for our team.

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