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Sales Account Manager Position


Sales Account Manager – Super7

About Super7:

Super7 is currently seeking a Sales Account Manager to expand and maintain key accounts and service our existing mom & pop independent wholesale customers. This position is an in-office position based in San Francisco.

Job Description:

Super7 is looking for an experienced Sales Account Manager. You will act as a liaison between our internal staff and our wholesale customers ensuring customer satisfaction as well as follow through for the fiscal goals for Super7.

As a Sales Account Manager, you should showcase excellent communication and negotiation skills. You should also act proactively to address clients’ needs and facilitate the sale process from beginning to the end.

Ultimately, you should contribute to an increase in sales and maintain our company-client relationships at a high standard.


Identify, develop and maintain a wholesale sales network of independent shops, small chain stores and mid-tier retailers across the country and abroad.

To help deepen our relationship with larger online collector focused storefronts to drive sales through events, marketing and promotion that coincide with key product launches.

To help further develop and maintain relationships with large scale retailers, big box stores, online retailers (Amazon, eBay, etc.) and subscription box services with updates and reminders on future schedules and releases.

To act as the key point of contact for our wholesale clients, and to work with them to develop long-term sales plans for our products that fit their individual business.

Organize and direct regular client meetings and check-ins to keep aware of their changing business needs and trends.

Resolve problems and complaints from our customers in a timely manner.

Monitor and prepare reports on daily/weekly/monthly product sales performance vs. projections, and to deduce learnings from sales performance to apply to future product releases.

Suggest innovative ideas to increase sales and improve customer experience.

Listen to customer and retailer feedback regarding products and opportunities to improve or create new products or variations.

Follow up with warehouse and store staff to make sure all orders all handled as quickly as possible with as little room for error as possible, and then manage all billing and receivables once shipped.

Establish our best practices and guidelines for consistency as we grow.


Previous experience in the wholesale sales industry, preferably in toys and/or collectibles with an existing knowledge of the market and opportunities therein.

A positive and upbeat attitude.

Able to both work in a team environment as well as manage their tasks as an individual.

Must be able to handle changes in plans and priorities with ease without being sidetracked, frustrated or negative.

Excellent history and comfort level in providing exceptional customer service and communication. Communication is key to all customer relationships.

An ability to grasp client needs and increase customer engagement, as well as plan for their future growth with personalized sales plans based on their specific sales trends.

Trade show and event experience.

Solid knowledge of CRM software, MS Offce (Excel, Word, etc.), Shopify and MailChimp.

A deep understanding of sales performance metrics and how those sales relate to manufacturing and retail costs.

Must be able to manage their own time independent of outside influence to make sure that all tasks are completed on time or ahead of schedule. Must be able to communicate what time has been allotted where and why, as well as detailing when additional or lessor time is needed to perform assigned tasks.

Must be able to negotiate with customers where needed in good faith without bending too far for either the company or customer so that each side understands the needs and goals of the other side.

Whatever else it takes to get things done.

Finally, this is a personality fit position before experience. We are looking for individuals who can work within our company and brand and add to the culture and excitement we have coming to work everyday. Personalities that can detract from that excitement, no matter how talented or experienced will not be considered a fit.

Qualified and interested applicants should submit a letter and resume to:

No in-person drop off or phone calls are needed at this time. Due to the Holidays, we will not be reviewing applications before January 3rd. Thank you for your patience.

About Super7:

Founded in 2001 as a magazine about vintage Japanese monster toys, Super7 has since evolved into one of the largest independent toy companies in the United States. Super7 has focused on collectible toys and apparel as its core business by consistently producing high quality and unique items with un-paralleled attention to detail. Super7 is based out of San Francisco, with two flagship retail locations in the city as well as another retail location in San Diego.

We grew up with giant monsters, comic books, punk, science fiction skateboarding robots & rebellion. No one made what we wanted. So we made it ourselves.

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