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MOTU Curse of the Three Terrors Figures


The all new vintage-inspired line of MOTU continues with full-color, cartoon accurate characters from the new animation, "The Curse of the Three Terrors"!

They are available online HERE and at the Super7 retail stores in San Francisco and San Diego.

Possessed Skeletor

Terror Bat

Terror Jaguar

Terror Wolf

These 5.5-inch figures are packaged in classic-era blister cards, authentic to the last detail, and each comes with their own accessory.

"The Curse of the Three Terrors" is the first new Filmation-style M.O.T.U. animation produced since 1985 and was created by Super7 under our partnership with Mattel. It features the original voice of Skeletor, Alan Oppenheimer! It's available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Video.

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