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New Gorilla Biscuits x Super7 Collab


Gorilla Biscuits x Super7 T-Shirt Collab

Exclusive Online Pre-Order
Wednesday, November 23rd @ Noon PST

"Yo sucka, you got a dope shirt! Bidip-Bo!"

Earlier this year, Super7 designed a range of t-shirts for the Gorilla Biscuits European Tour. Unfortunately, these shirts were only available on the tour in Europe and Gorilla Biscuits and Super7 fans in the rest of the the world were left out. The band and Super7 decided that the shirts would be released again later this year but in different colors. This way the European Tour shirts will remain special, but now everyone would have a chance to own the designs if they wanted them.

In order to allow everyone the chance to get these shirts, we will offer a one-week preorder for the shirt designs beginning tomorrow (11/23) - The Gorilla X, the Uniform Choice inspired "Let's Start Today", and the four-sided "Go Vegan" long sleeve. All shirts come printed on our hand-combed cotton blank with interior printed custom neck labels (no scratchy tags!) and custom bottom hem Gorilla head woven labels.

These are like no other GB shirts that have come before!

Let's Start Today!

These limited edition shirts are printed on our premium combed cotton blanks. The attention to detail includes a custom printed interior neck label (no scratchy tags!)...

... and a sewn-in embroidered GB hem label.

"Headed for the Dragon's Lair."

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