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Michelle Valigura Event at Super7 San Francisco


Michelle Valigura is a sculptor, with a primary focus on ceramics. Her background designing for stop motion animation (including Elf, and the Simpsons) and her love of mid century design have built a foundation that allows her to work in multiple mediums.

She has licensed her characters to Disneyland, Kidrobot, Paradise Toys and other art brands, eventually forming her own design company Switcheroo, in 2007 with artist Amanda Visell. Michelle has exhibited her work, lectured and taught workshops at galleries, museums and universities worldwide.

For this event, Michelle is featuring her unique ceramic versions of legendary kaiju characters such as Bemular, Gomora, Kanegon, Neronga, Rodan, and others! These pieces range in size from 9.75-inches to 11-inches in height.

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