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Masters of the Universe Ultimates Pre-Order FAQ


Question: Where are my Masters of the Universe Ultimates and when will I get them?

As we explained before and during the pre-sale, the MOTUC Ultimates are a made to order release and due to arrive and ship in the Spring once production is completed.


Question: Will Super7 be offering previous MOTU Matty Collector stock?

No. Super7 is not involved with any previous MOTU Matty Collector stock. We also cannot help with previous orders.


Question: Will the MOTUC Ultimates be available in the future?

The Ultimates are a made to order release. Any inventory that might remain after orders ship (from cancellations, etc.) will be made available in the Super7 webstore.


Question: What is going on with the refunds for MOTUC Ultimates International shipping?

The partial refunds for International shipping have all been issued.


Question: Can I still pre-order or add to my existing pre-order for the MOTUC Ultimates?

No. The MOTUC Ultimates are a made to order release with production based on the orders received during the pre-order open time. Sorry.


Question: Can I cancel my MOTUC Ultimates pre-order?

As of January 4, 2017 we cannot accept cancellations because the production order is based upon the pre-sale orders. Sorry.


Question: Will the Masters of the Universe Filmation and Classics lines continue?

Yes, the Classics and Filmation lines will continue. Look for an announcement soon!


Question: Thundercats?? Thundercats!? Thundercats?!

We are working hard to secure the rights to continue the Thundercats line. We hope to have an announcement soon!


Question: Can I update the Ship To address on my Pre-Order?

Yes. Send an e-mail to with your order number and request.


Click HERE for the official announcement from Matty Collector regarding the future of MOTU and Super7.

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