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Gorilla Biscuits Marbled Madness


We have "High Hopes" you are gonna love the "New Direction" of our Gorilla Biscuits vinyl figure! This limited edition 5-inch Japanese vinyl figure went the “Distance” and is marbled in either orange/yellow, black/white, or purple/sky blue vinyl. No two figures or marble patterns are the same! Each figure comes blind-bagged in a custom screen printed sweatshirt grey fleece bag with drawstring suitable for the “Better Than You crew”. There is “No Reason Why” to miss out on this release, so don’t wait, “Let’s Start Today”!

Available now in the Super7 webstore while supplies last.

$75 each.

Limit two per customer.

Please note item selection is random and items are in blind packaging. We cannot accept requests for specific figures and you may receive duplicates when ordering more than 1 item.

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